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"The International Style is the purest and most beautiful of all architectural schools; and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fucking moron."  This quote is attributed to Archie Templar, and was written in that last sentence.  But far from being just the shrill ravings of a self-styled Architecture aficionado this feeling is shared by many lovers of this style.

On an island whose landscape has been blighted in the last twenty years with the most hideous, ill-conceived and badly built urban dwellings, it is soothing to the soul to know that dotted around the land there are little pockets of architectural beauty, curios of the recent past.  A time when Modern Architecture gave hope to the idea that perhaps private homes did not have to subscribe to the mundane, pitched-roof, dull grey aesthetic that for some insane reason has become the standard by which all homes are now built.

Below are two fine examples of the International Style situated in Foxrock, Dublin.  While these ditzy little drawings really don't do them any justice you can take a 46A bus to a cul-de-sac called Knocksinna and stand outside the houses and wave to the visibly annoyed occupants inside.

GLENCROE - (2009)

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